Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Yes! Together we've done it - Rupert Murdoch just abandoned his bid to takeover BSkyB. [1]

Yes! Together we've done it - Rupert Murdoch just abandoned his bid to takeover BSkyB. [1]

This is a huge turnaround. Only a few days ago David Cameron claimed it was impossible to stop the BSkyB deal. [2]

Then, nearly 100,000 of us emailed our MPs demanding the government act. Suddenly, late yesterday, MPs of all parties united to tell Murdoch to call the deal off. [3] And this afternoon, Rupert Murdoch finally caved in. People power worked!

This is a huge breakthrough, and a huge moment for people power in the UK. We're powerful because we work together - so let's decide together what we do next. Should we do more work to clean up politics and the media? Should we work together to protect the NHS or the environment? Or something else?

Have your say - take two minutes to set the future direction of 38 Degrees here:

People power has finally pushed politicians to stop bowing and scraping to media barons. But Murdoch is a crafty and determined operator. He'll probably be planning his next move – we need to plan ours as well!

Is there more we could do to make sure the collapse of the BSkyB bid is a real turning point? What else could we do to secure higher media standards? How can we make sure that politicians never again put media barons before us, their voters? Or is it time to move our focus back to other issues?

Take two minutes to complete a quick online poll about what we do next:

This scandal has shown that there's a lot rotten in British politics. But it's also given us reasons to hope. Brave journalists exposed this story, showing the value of a decent independent media. [4] The few politicians who dared to speak out have been vindicated. [5] The British public proved we won’t stand for media barons defying our laws and our democracy.

38 Degrees members have been working together to try to block the BSkyB deal since it was first announced in 2010. [6] We've signed petitions, raised money for adverts, organised stunts, and emailed, phoned and visited our MPs. We've teamed up with other groups including global people power group Avaaz. Today, we can all celebrate together - it worked!

Communities like 38 Degrees have a positive role to play at moments like this. We are independent of media barons and compromised politicians. We don't take their money - we're funded by small donations from thousands of UK citizens. [7] We don't do what they tell us to do – we take decisions about our campaigns by 38 Degrees members discussing and voting together.

This is a time for people power. So what could 38 Degrees do to help next? Please take a couple of minutes to say what you think by completing this online poll:

Thanks for getting involved,

David, Marie, Cian, Becky, Johnny, Hannah and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Together we're an 800,000 strong independent people powered community. We can move fast to campaign on the issues that matter because we're funded by thousands of people donating what they can afford - not huge donations from media moguls or the government. If you'd like to support 38 Degrees you can make a secure donation here:

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