Friday, 8 July 2011


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Could this be the week we finally turn the tide on Rupert Murdoch? Pressure to weaken his grip on our media and our democracy is building. Let's work together to get the clean-up operation started.

Disgust at the behaviour of Murdoch's newspapers has pushed politicians to start speaking out. [1] But we need to make sure our MPs follow through with real action. If MPs start hearing directly from thousands of their voters, we can push them to finally stand up to Murdoch.

It only takes 2 minutes to email your MP. Click to get started:

For far too long, MPs have been scared of Rupert Murdoch. Now they need to be brave. If they have the guts, there are three things they can do immediately to stop the rot in the UK media:
1. Stop Murdoch taking control of BSkyB [2]
2. Start a Public Inquiry, led by an independent judge, right now [3]
3. Start an investigation by media regulator Ofcom into whether Murdoch is a "fit and proper" media owner [4]

Yesterday, we finally heard some MPs admit to the way Murdoch calls the shots over our democracy. "We've fallen for threats", they said, and "we were not courageous enough", "we've colluded for too long". [4] That's a start, but now they need to act to match their words. Together we can push them to overcome their fear of the Murdoch press and listen to their voters.

Tell your MP it's time to be brave and stand up to Murdoch:

Time and again, as 38 Degrees members work together to campaign for a fairer, greener, more democratic Britain, we come up against the might of Murdoch. Whether it’s protecting our health service or our environment, or getting real action to tackle the excesses of bankers, too often his papers do all they can to get in the way.

Murdoch's papers have behaved appallingly. But some good could still come of it. This could be our chance to finally level the playing field and get politicians answering to voters, not media barons – let's work together to seize it!

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Becky, Johnny, Marie, Cian and the 38 Degrees team

PS: We'll be delivering our 100,000-strong petition to the official consultation into the BSkyB power grab just before the deadline at midday tomorrow. There's still time to add your name in 30 seconds – here:

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